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Dr. G. C. Rapaille and Archetype Discoveries Worldwide have been successfully guiding their clients' interests in marketing, advertising, research and development, and personnel since 1976. The reputation earned as the premier firm in breaking the code of the Cultural Archetype has come as a direct result of our commitment to customer satisfaction in implementing this unique process.

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide has conducted over 250 Discoveries, in more than 20 countries, for such diverse products, services, and concepts as but not limited to: perfume, toys, cheese, security, quality improvement, nuclear power, credit cards, mergers, coffee, teenage pregnancy, forests, cars, and financial services.

Tuxedo Productions works closely with Dr. G. C. Rapaille in developing new and educational products geared toward cultural archetypes.

Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille is an internationally known expert in Archetype Discoveries and Creativity. His unique approach to marketing combines a psychiatrist's depth of analysis with a businessman's attention to practical concerns.  He has written more than ten books on these topics.  One of his books, Creative Communication, has become the standard reference for the French advertising industry.  He is a sought-after lecturer on creativity and communication.

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Merger and Acquisitions
By Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille

    Fiat is taking over Chrysler after Daimler lost billions trying to do exactly the same thing. Time Warner and AOL ended up in a fiasco. GM lost Saab, Ford lost Jaguar and Land Rover and today we have the battle of Kraft taking over Cadbury.
     Why do most of these mergers and acquisitions end up in disaster?
     Because they don't know the code... they don't know their own code - their corporate code. They don't understand that a corporation is a culture (rituals, myths, heroes) and has a code. They also don't know the code of the company they want to acquire or merge with. Of course they end up experiencing a "Culture Clash" and "Cultural War". Then they have no idea of the country culture code, (see how the Cadbury people in England are reacting to the American take over or the Danone disaster in China).
     To succeed you need a corporate Psychologist-Anthropologist. You need a corporate culture Match Maker who can identify each corporate culture code and facilitate the creation of the NEW culture while keeping the best of each of the old cultures.
     Royal Bank lost most of the brilliant people from Royal Trust when they acquired Royal Trust. Daimler lost ALL of the Chrysler executives when they took over Chrysler (most of them went to GM).
     What is the value of a company if all of the brilliant people leave?
     Mergers and acquisitions should bring more than the sum of their parts. How do we do that? By creating a new corporate culture that integrates the best of each original corporate culture. This new corporate culture should have "babies" with both companies DNA.
     These babies should be:
     On code with the reward and recognition system and have a deep shared gut feeling about the higher purpose of the new corporation. Just increasing share-holder value is not a goal, it is a consequence of having "fire in the belly".
     Clear rituals, myths as well as stories about heroes, symbols and metaphors that speak to the corporate collective unconscious should be on code.
     A new "Manifesto" should be created that clearly explains the commitment, vision, purpose and values of what the new corporation stands for and why the employees are passionate about it.
     If you don't share it, leave!!
     If you do share it, pledge your allegiance and re-pledge your allegiance every year.
     Marriage is difficult. 50 percent of American marriages end in divorce. Corporations are sometimes different species (Time Warner vs. AOL). Try to create a baby from an elephant and a giraffe. It is not just because the numbers are good that the baby is going to survive. All of that was part of the plan for Daimler when they "invaded" Chrysler. After a few years, the value of Chrysler vanished. Wow!! They spent all that money and ended up with nothing.
     The Time Warner-AOL saga is not better nor is HP with Fiorina. The benefits of these mergers never materialized and Fiorina lost her job.
     What has happened to J.P. Morgan and Washington Mutual now that Chase runs the show? What will happen to Mexico's FEMSA (which includes Sol, Recate and Dos Equis) once the Dutch brewer Heineken takes over?
     Remember when ATT tried to "function" with Olivetti? Or when Renault and Simca-Chrysler were together?
     Less than 10% are success stories, and less than 20% just survive.
     So it is time to do it right and to accept that a business plan is not enough.
     You need a New-Culture-Creation plan, which will take into account the corporate cultures, the Nation-Culture (where they come from), and an action plan to create the new culture that is "On Code".
     Enough money has been wasted and lost. To repeat the same bean counter-engineer-financial-economist approach can only lead to the same failures.
     These people with all their mathematical models were not able to predict what happened on Wall Street.
     It is wise to question their ability to predict the success of a merger or of an acquisition?
     Hybrid children usually inherit the best of their parents, but they can also inherit the worst.
     Between two corporations, this cannot be left to chance.
     We now have the tools to do it right.
     So let's do it!!!
Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille
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Upcoming Projects for
Archetype Discoveries Worldwide

The Future of Luxury

The Questions

  • Is Luxury never going to be the same again? Have we created a new reference system with a new code?
  • If so, what is this code?
  • Can you afford not to understand this paradigm shift that is happening worldwide and drastically affecting your business?

The Answers

This project will be done in several phases. The first will be to understand what is going on in the USA: 10 imprinting sessions will be conducted in New York (N.Y.), Bal Harbor (Florida) and Beverly Hills (California). This work will be followed by sessions in China, India, Brazil and Russia.

This is a syndicated discovery. Each company participating can send up to five people to attend the sessions and participate in the analysis and decoding. This represents a great opportunity to establish a network of highly qualified executives who understand and apply the code, and who can later on share results. Each company should provide a list of all the questions they would like to see covered. We usually have a 2-hour conference call before the beginning of the process. The first sessions in Florida should be conducted in January 2010, followed by California and New York. Results are expected by the end of February 2010.

Contact Missy de Bellis at
mdebellis28@gmail.com for more information.

More News Concerning Dr. Rapaille

  • On November 10, 2009, Dr. Rapaille traveled to Korea and gave the keynote speech (titled "Why Culture Matters to a Business; Taking Arirang into Global") at the 2009 International Symposium for Arirang to the World. To read an article about the symposium, CLICK HERE

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He's in Russia, breaking
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If you would like to be part of this ground-breaking study, contact Missy de Bellis at mdebellis28@gmail.com for further details.



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