Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille is an internationally known expert in Archetype Discoveries and Creativity. His unique approach to marketing combines a psychiatrist's depth of analysis with a businessman's attention to practical concerns.  He has written more than ten books on these topics.  One of his books, Creative Communication, has become the standard reference for the French advertising industry.  He is a sought-after lecturer on creativity and communication.

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The Australian: White House In Damage Control

HSM Management: Aprendendo a decifrar os codigos culturais
Send Magazine: Ele Sabe O Que Voce Quer

La cl?des âmes: (video) Radio-Canada Television
Latest Interview Radio Canada: (audio) May 2004
Toronto Star: (web) Decoding desires

Firma: June 6, 2009 interview

Apres Raffarin III, Vive Clotaire Ier!
Le Journal du Dimanche: La Victoire du Reptile
Le Point: Etats-Unis Clotaire Rapaille, Le Gourou du Marketing
Liberation: Portrait: U.S. Et Coutumes
Paris Match: Le Prochain Kissinger Sera Peut-Etre Francais!
Poete de la relation: (video) Match.com
Radio France International: (audio) March 2004, With Noelle Velly

Five to Nine: Freud am Fahren, Autos Freud Am Fahren: Das Kaufgefühl Kommt Aus Dem Bauch

Repubblica: Italy

On November 10, 2009, Dr. Rapaille traveled to Korea and gave the keynote speech (titled "Why Culture Matters to a Business; Taking Arirang into Global") at the 2009 International Symposium for Arirang to the World. To read an article about the symposium, CLICK HERE
Korean Newspaper article 1
Korean Newspaper article 2

Analista Cultural: Descubre Los Secretos De La Mercadotecnia
La Repubblica: Intervista: Clotaire Rapaille
Panorama: Vezzi Privati E Pubbliche Virtu

Netherlands (Amsterdam):
Esomar Research: Cracking the Code

United Kingdom:
The Sunday Telegraph: Kerry Too 'French' To Sway 'Adolescent' Americans

The Culture Code (KÜLTÜR KODU) had now been
published in Turkish by FGP Publishing

2006 NRF Conference: (video)
37 Signals: (web) People have no idea why they're doing what they're doing
American Vs French: (video)
CBSNews: Made To Measure
CNBC: (video) With Michelle Cabrera-Caruso: Marketing American Cars
CNN Financial Network: (video) April 2004, "Dolans Unscripted"- Daria and Ken Dolan
Corporate Speech: (video) I Have a New Baby
Detroit News: Where the Auto Industry is Headed
Did you Cry? Princess Diana: (video)
Discovery Times Channel: (audio) Driving America
Elle Magazine: Popular Science
Forbes: Pushing Your Buy Button
Forbes: Marketing to the Reptilian Brain
Fortune Magazine: At Last, Here Comes The Car Shrinks
Fortune: Brand America
Fortune: Car Shrinks
FoxNews Channel: (video) March 2004, "The Big Story" with John Gibson
France: Portrait - Clotaire Rapaille
Loyalty, Mercedes-Benz
Marketing Insights: The American Quality Archetype
Marketing Pop Culture: (audio) Interview with Dr. Clotaire Rapaille
New York Post: French Consultant Tells Kerry: Be Less Gauling
Newsweek, International Edition: The Last Word: Clotaire Rapaille
News Week: America on the Couch International Edition
NPR Transcript: The Wizard of Lizard
PBS Frontline: (video) December 15, 2003, Interview with Dr. Rapaille
Radio Curious: (audio) Dr. Rapaille speaks about "Understanding Our Collective Unconscious"
Record Reviews: (web) Adult -Why Bother?
Red Ice Creations: (web) Clotaire Rapaille - Reptilian Marketing
Response Magazine: G.C. Rapaille: Finding The Keys In The Cultural Unconscious
Rolling Stone Magazine: The SUV On The Couch
Salon: In America, Seduction is Dishonest
Slate.com: The New de Tocquevilles
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: If These Wheels Could Talk
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Our Cars, Ourselves - Part 1
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Our Cars, Ourselves - Part 2
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Reptilian' Brain Chooses Vehicles
The Big Story with John Gibson: (video) March 2004
The Chosun Ilbo: (web) Politicians Must Decipher the Code that motivates Voters
The Culture Code: Why People Around the World Really Are Different, and the Hidden Clues to Understanding Us All: (video) Microsoft Speaking engagement, 2006
The Detroit Press: The Fleeting Romance Of The American Road
The New York Times: A Dream Life Freud Would Have Envied, Part 1
The New York Times: A Dream Life Freud Would Have Envied, Part 2
The New York Times: Among California's SUV Owners, Only A Bit Of Guilt In A New "Anti" Effort
The New York Times: Does the Smell of Coffee Brewing Remind You of Your Mother?
The New York Times: Primal Fear
The New York Times: The Fleeting Romance Of The American Road
The New York Times: The Ford Of The Future: Longer, Lower, Wider
The New York Times: When One Model Lifts A Line
The New Yorker: The Campaign Trail: Pardon?
The Sunday Telegraph: Stop Behaving As If You Are A Frenchman
The Wall Street Journal: But How Does it Make You Feel?
The Washington Post: GOP Expose: Kerry, Closet Frenchman
The Wizard of Lizard: (audio) On the Media, May 7, 2004
Times Herald-Record: What Does Your Car Say About You?



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